Approving a Contractor

Login into the system and if your permissions allow you can approve a contractor.

Select the contractor from the search screen that you want to approve – this will open the contractor details page

Click on the EDIT icon on the right hand side.

NOTE:  Please go through each section and review and approve each contractor document loaded in the Insurances, licenses and certificates sections.

Once all of the document are approved GO TO the Review and Approve section.

  • If you only need a single person to approve a contractor select Single User.
  • If you need multiple people to approve select Multi User (then select the users from the drop down list)

TO APPROVE:  Click on APPROVED and click SAVE

TO APPROVE WITH IMPROVEMENT PLAN:  Click on Approval with Improvement Plan and click SAVE

NOT APPROVED:  Select Not Approved and click SAVE

NOTE:  You can email a contractor from this section if they need to provide extra documents BUT the notes you typed in the review process are included in the email.  If you do not want this use the broadcast email and select the contractor or use your internal email system.