Adding a Contractor – NOT in the database

To create a new contractor, click on the New Contractor Button.

NOTE:  Prior to adding a new contractor please ensure the primary contact is aware of your process and that they will be added to the system. So they are ready for the email.

The first step is to check if the contractor already exists in the database. Using the company name and/or ABN, check if the contractor already exists in the Zerite System.  CLICK SEARCH.  Results  will display under the search button.


For contractors NOT in the database it will display zero results, Scroll down to the Step 2.

Tick New Contractor Box

  1. Enter all fields
  2. Enter a unique email address (this is critical, the email can not already exist in the system)
  3. Add sites and departments for the contractor if required
  4. Select the category – MANDATORY (This will impact the requirements for compliance)
  5. Link the contractor to specific system users (This is important – if you do not link them to users, those users will not see the contractor in their search screen – you can link them later if needed)
  6. Check the Attach Document Checklist (a checklist will be included in the new contractor email)
  7. Click SUBMIT

An email will be sent to the email address added with a login ID and they will be required to set a password.

NOTE:  For security reasons the email is only active for 24 hours.